Discover Digital Photography

Discover Digital Photography

Gain the skills you need to take great photos with your digital camera and never miss a memorable moment again. This course is an informative introduction to digital photography, from DSLRs to smart phone cameras.

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Discover Digital Photography is designed for the novice photographer with no previous experience with digital cameras.

This course will teach you all about digital cameras, from DSLRs to smart phone cameras and what different equipment is used for. You will learn about different display methods for your camera, including sizing, print options, online storage, and how social media factors into digital photography. If you have old slides, negatives, or prints, this course will also teach you how to scan those "old school" photo assets.

After completing the course, you will understand how the process of composing photos has changed with the evolving capabilities of digital photography.

What you will learn

  • Become familiar with digital photography basics and decision-making tools for choosing the right computer for you
  • Explore the features and functions of digital cameras
  • Understand the need for image storage and the options available
  • Become familiar with the resources for digital photographers on computers and the Internet
  • Explore the options for printing quality prints from digital images
  • Examine the equipment available for scanning film and prints, as well as options for restoring damaged images
  • Realize the options for composing images where you intend to use digital editing as part of the artistic process

How you will benefit

  • Gain confidence using your digital camera to take pictures
  • Capture perfect memories with family and friends
  • Develop a great new, creative hobby

How the course is taught

  • Instructor-led or self-paced online course
  • 6 Weeks or 3 Months access
  • 24 course hours