Online Local Anesthesia Course

DHYG 4033 - Local Anesthesia and Pain Control course for licensed dental hygienists

This online course is designed to instruct students in the art and science of local anesthesia. The course encompasses pre-anesthetic evaluation of the patient, management of the medically compromised patient, physiology and pharmacology of local anesthetics, and the management of medical emergencies.

The course is 8 weeks of didactic, online learning (24 hours) and one day (8 hours) of clinical practice. Students are expected to be in the ULM Dental Hygiene Clinic during the final day for the clinical portion.

January 2024 Online Course Schedule:
January 8, 2024 -- First Day of Online portion

January 2024 Clinic Date (on-campus):
Friday, March 1, 2024

Instructor: Amanda Richardson

Required textbook:
Local Anesthesia for Dental Hygienist, 3rd  ed.
Author: Demetra Logothetis, RDH, MS,  
(ISBN # 9780323718561) (ebook ISBN: 9780323733724)
*Print edition or e-boo acceptable.


  • Wear scrubs
  • Closed-toe shoes
  • Lab jacket
  • Safety glasses
  • All other necessary materials are provided for the lab. 

Course Price: $1,200.00

In order to register for this course, participants must provide a copy of their Dental Hygiene License and CPR card. Both should be sent to Emma Herrock at Once received, participants will be contacted to complete registration. 

Upcoming Local Anesthesia Course Dates:
March 11 - May 3, 2024